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Dinosaur Designs Nov 2012 Dream Cloud Bowls

Dream Collection Cloud Bowls


Dinosaur Designs Nov 2012 Dream Comb Bangles

Dream Collection Comb Bangles


Dinosaur Designs Nov 2012 Art Range Dream Cloud Platter

Dream Collection Art Range Dream Cloud Platter




Mother Nature is our endless inspiration. At Dinosaur Designs we take responsibility for our environmental footprint and support environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Dinosaur Designs pieces are all hand made with love and care in our studio.

We use Green electricity providers

We run our studio and stores on Green Energy options that do not generate any greenhouse gases. In Australia with Origin Energy which is generated from solar, wind and hydro sources. In New York with ConEdison Solutions which is composed of run-of-river hydro power and wind power.

Our studio recycles all paper

We have always recycled all paper in our studio to try and save mother nature's beautiful trees.

Our studio recycles glass, cans and plastic

In the day to day running of our offices, stores and production studio, we recycle all paper products, plastic, glass, and aluminium. It is important to us to make the most of man made resources, and re use whatever we can.

We use recycled paper products wherever possible

We use 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our catalogues and minimum 80% recycled Australian paper for our office printing. We use soy based ink and waterless printing for our catalogues. We buy recycled toilet paper. Our retail packaging is made from recycled paper whenever possible. We are conscious to use minimal packing supplies and whenever possible we will reuse boxes and post packs.

We reuse printer cartridges and donate all used computers and printer cartridges to Planet Ark or Reverse Garbage

We refill printer cartridges instead of buying new ones.

We recycle our water used in production

We re-use the small amount of water that is used in our production process.

We use low energy tri-phosphor light globes

We use energy-saving lighting systems wherever possible.

We have had a studio energy and water audit to reduce our consumption We provide Fair Trade organic coffee in the studio for staff and guests We buy Australian made

We try to buy locally wherever possible to limit the emissions given out by travel and freight.

We do our best to provide a happy and creative work environment for all our team

Amongst our community of staff, family, friends and customers we encourage and initiate environmentally friendly action and we welcome informed and creative ideas about how we might further reduce our environmental footprint.




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